Skills Development is the intended output of training efforts within the workplace and should be an enabler for business growth and employee engagement. As a Business Owner, HR Manager and Skills Development Facilitator, adhering to the Skills Development Act is vital for the future of businesses in South Africa.

The aim of the Act is to develop and empower the South African workforce, regardless of their race or gender. The Act seeks to fund and reward compliant employers, who invest in the further education and training of their employees, by paying their Skills Development Levies.

Often, businesses find Skills Development frustrating due to the lack of clarity when submitting reports to the relevant SETA (Sector Education Training Authority) or the uncertainty on how to best reap the benefits for the company.

This is where the expertise of a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) is beneficial.


The core role of the Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) is to serve as a liaison between the SETA and business and represent the business in all aspects of
skills development and training, to assist in achieving the company’s strategy.

  • Oversee Planning and Implementation

    A registered Skills Development Facilitator submits your Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) to facilitate the effective planning and tracking of your company’s skills development.

  • A vital link

    A Skills Development Facilitator is the link between the relevant SETA and your company, as they understand the SETA’s processes and procedures and have the necessary experience with your business.

  • Valuable Know-How

    Qualified Skills Development Facilitators understand how to submit training documents and how to effectively apply for mandatory and discretionary grants.

  • Connecting Skills Development with your goals

    A Skills Development Facilitator combines the Sector Skills Plan with your company’s strategic plan, unique goals, and requirements.


  • Skills Development Facilitators are responsible for the establishment and development of a training committee.
  • The analyzing of Sector Skills Plans, business growth plans, Human Resource development plans and BEE strategies to identify how each leads to training priorities.
  • Promoting of a learning culture within your organization.
  • Consultative role to the strategic planning and decision making processes of skills development.
  • Tracking the implemented training interventions to ensure the training benefits the organization.
  • Performing Needs Analysis Reports and Skills Audits.
  • Facilitating effective communication between the SETA and organization.
  • Apply for the Levy Grant Schemes.
  • Completing all necessary documents required by the SETA.
  • Identifying the most suitable training interventions and service providers.
  • Advise employers on the quality assurance requirements set out by the relevant SETA.
  • Communicate all upcoming interventions or changes affecting the skills planning.


  • The Skills Development Facilitator takes the time to get to know your organization and your people in order to understand where the company is and where it aims to go.
  • Should a training committee be appointed, the Skills Development Facilitator seeks to involve the committee in all plans and steps for them to understand the processes and requirements for effective skills development.
  • The SDF evaluates all aspects of the company, including income generation systems, market changes and training opportunities to better equip the employer and team for future possibilities.
  • Your appointed SDF’s investigates the development of career paths through training that will benefit the learners and the organization.
  • All prior training is evaluated and the implementation thereof is reviewed to identify whether learners have benefited from the training.


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