This legal compliance audit is ideally performed once a business established a SHEQ Management System and need to test the level of compliance against a set standard. Alternatively it provides guidance on improvement needs and ensures capital invested accuracy.

The BMS Legal Compliance Audit not only provides and identifies the non-compliance, it includes corrective measures, recommendations and prioritizing the non-compliance on how to effectively establish legal compliance. Systems are tested against more that 5000 legal compliance elements.‚Äč

The BMS Legal Compliance Audit is the ultimate benchmark test against all applicable Health and Safety Legislation.

  • Why it is important to Know Your Legal Compliance Status?

    OHS act is designed to prevent accidents, therefore having a business that is in compliance with the requirements of the OHS Act provides for:

    • Managing and preventing legal exposures of Top, Middle, Line and Supervisory management levels.
    • Protecting the employer against criminal and civil liabilities.
    • Identifying areas where losses could be contained and in initiate loss control systems and programmes.

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