Want to become a master of marketing?

The world has changed, technology has changed and your customer has changed, but your marketing probably hasn’t. The truth is, marketing doesn’t work the way it used to. A lot has changed with the onset of the digital era and most companies have been left behind, bewildered and even scared of all the tools and choices available. But, if you don’t learn to adapt, respond and change your marketing strategies, you will become a dinosaur. So, if you want more business, and you want customers spending more, what is the answer?

What is Master of Marketing?

The right message + the right value + the right market + the right methods =
marketing success

Business Made Simple’s two day Master of Marketing Workshop will revolutionize your marketing strategies and will help you generate more leads, convert more prospects into paying customers, increase the frequency of customer transactions and will help you increase the average lifetime value of your clients.

Not only do we teach you how to create a compelling marketing message, we also show you how to maximize the value of your business’ greatest asset – your existing customer database – plus we also show you how to use modern marketing tools to your advantage.

What you will learn

  • Gain 100% clarity on what marketing is and what it must do

  • Foundational marketing principles to build your business on

  • Why Marketing is always a priority from start up to business maturity

  • How to avoid the most common marketing mistakes your competitors are making

  • How to create a compelling marketing message that result in sales, leads and enquiries

  • The only 5 ways to grow your business and increase profits

  • The success formula for creating your marketing message on all your marketing materials from brochures to websites

  • How to turn your current and existing customer database into instant cashflow

  • How to use social media to generate leads and improve customer relationship management

  • Modern Marketing Methods - how to use low cost, high impact marketing strategies to grow your business

Take the 12 Point Digital Marketing Analysis Now!

Gain access to one of Business Made Simple’s Online Marketing Resources. Business Made Simple has a library of 800 business resources  that are freely available for our customers. Download your complimentary 12 Point Digital Marketing Analysis.

According to Statistics SA, at the start of 2015 there were over 15 million internet users in South Africa and that number is expected to double before 2019, because of the rise in popularity of smart phones and tablets among South Africans.

Currently, more than 42% of all South Africans use the internet to search for businesses just like yours. It has become clear, YOUR target market is made up of internet savvy business people who use Google on a daily basis.

In this invaluable 12 Point Digital Marketing Analysis, the bedrock principles of marketing are fused with the power of the Internet / social media to deliver exponential results.


We are so confident that you will love our training that Business Made Simple’s Master of Marketing Training comes with a Money Back Guarantee. If by the end of the training you are not happy with the quality of the delivery or the content of the course we will refund your money. It’s that simple!

Learn Why You’re Not Generating More Leads & Driving Better Results

Your 35-Minute Marketing Assessment

What You’ll Get From Our

Master of Marketing Experts

Assess your current website design and lead generation ability to find out if your site is generating leads and sales for your business.
Evaluate your overall message and how it addresses your prospects’ pains, and how you solve their problems
Examine your current marketing channels to determine if you’re using the appropriate channels to connect with your target market.

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