Sound Financial Management is at the heart of every successful business

More than ever in today’s business environment, management decisions made at all levels of an organisation need to be based upon a sound understanding of the financial implications to the business and the importance of justifying Return on Investment. This workshop will familiarize you with the key concepts of finance and accounting and help you to prepare and present budgets with more confidence.

Gain the finance and accounting savvy that you need to manage budgets, justify requests and spot operational problems before they get out of hand. In just two days of intensive training, you’ll learn the practical financial skills that will help you make better management decisions. Straight forward and no-nonsense, this course enables you to get straight to the heart of financial issues, demystifies financial information and gives you confidence and control when making financial decisions.

This two day course is delivered by industry-experienced training professionals at the front-line of finance training worldwide and has been taught in London, Dubai, Singapore and Sudan.

Outcomes and Competency Development

  • Critically examine and interpret key financial information, including the importance of measuring the impact of marketing activities.

  • The ability to communicate effectively and dynamically with management and subordinates about the financial side of the business.

  • The ability to confidently assess the return on investment for potential capital and operational expenditures and understand the differences between cash flow, revenue and capital budgets to optimise your use of working capital.

  • Appreciate the human aspect of budgeting; analyse variances in budgets and take remedial action to better manage your own budget, inventory and petty cash

  • Distinguish between short-term & long-term financial decisions and enhance your decision-making skills by integrating financial management concepts into your thinking.

  • Prepare break-even analyses for business plans, new projects and boardroom presentations and prepare, perform and present more confidently in a financial environment.

Five reasons why this course is a must for you and your managers

  1. In these uncertain times, developing your financial management skills is important to you and the future success of your business.
  2. Your decision making will benefit from getting to grips with finance.
  3. You want to justify Return on Investment when deciding how to apply your budget.
  4. You need to be able to perform regular financial ‘health checks’ on your business.
  5. Identify operational problems early on and minimize risk.

Brief Course Overview

Due to the extensive and comprehensive nature of this course, the overview below is very brief and focuses on a few of the course highlights. For more information on Finance for Non Financial Managers, please contact Business Made Simple on 011 867 6288 or send an email to

The Nature and Purpose of Accounting

  • What are the common misconceptions that hinder the understanding of business finance?
  • How can finance measure the success of business strategies?
  • What are the rules that accountants follow?

Understanding the basics

  • Differentiating between cash flow, capital and revenue.
  • Predicting corporate health by crunching some numbers.
  • How the stock market reacts to published information and how that impacts on share prices.

Understanding Budgets

  • Enhance your decision-making skills by integrating financial management concepts into your thinking.
  • Understand the budgeting process and forecasting techniques.
  • Teach and motivate your team to manage your own budget better.
  • Budget profiles as a control tool – taking control of your costs.
  • New ideas for managing budgets in a changing and unpredictable environment.

Financial Strategy and Intelligence

  • Teaching and calculating your key financial measures as a Key Performance Measurement tool.
  • Calculating your profitability, leverage, liquidity, and efficiency ratios.
  • Assessing Stakeholder value – Return on Investment and Return on Capital Employed.
  • Evaluating the cost vs benefit of long and short term capital decisions.
  • Evaluating Gross Margins, Cash Flow and creating a profitability roadmap.


We are so confident that you will love our training that Business Made Simple’s Finance for Non Financial Managers Programme comes with a Money Back Guarantee. If by the end of the programme you are not happy with the quality of the delivery or the content of the course we will refund your money. It’s that simple!

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