BMS Training’s safety files are purpose driven and project specific. We approach a safety file as a mini OHS Management System applied in off-site responsibilities of the employer.

Any safety file delivered by BMS Training ensures comprehensive protection of the Principle Contractor and sub-contractor management team and includes:

  • Designed employer protection in the Construction Health and Safety Plan.
  • Emphasis on OHS Act duties
  • Not limited to Construction Regulations 2014, inclusive of all applicable and supportive regulations.
  • Manages scope of compliance to Municipal By-Laws
  • Compliance to applicable other legislation such as BCEA, Hazardous Substances Act etc.
  • SANS Compliance in resource management and application.
  • Legal appointments is inclusive of all duties of appointed person, resulting in a full deployment and control of the duties of the employer/contractor.
  • Environmental Compliance Controls Included.
  • The content in this document is not exhaustive, it provides an indication how INCO Safety manages major shortfalls in a safety file.

Contractor Responsibilities

The introduction of the New Construction Regulations 2014 radically changed the application of Construction Safety compliance for contractors. The enforcement of compliance on the client resulted in the introduction of stricter compliance rules and controls on contractors on construction projects. The days of a paper war is over, now positive compliance evidence (Project Specific) is needed in each aspect of the project.
Inco Safety designed systems and controls to manage and proactively prevent the legal exposures of Principle Contractors and sub-contractors, aiming to maximize Project OHS controls and efforts on Construction Sites.

Our OHS Officer services deliver the following project deliverables to the Principle Contractor and Sub-contractor.