How to Penetrate, Expand, and Protect your Strategic Sales Accounts.


Winning, managing, and expanding your major accounts are critical to significant sales growth for many companies. But building trusted business relationships with key buying influencers, and being the number one preferred supplier are constant challenges.

You will gain critical skills and knowledge needed to assist you in achieving the greatest possible success within your Strategic Sales Accounts.

The core focus of the Advanced Sales Programme is to identify the various untapped growth opportunities within your Strategic Accounts. You will learn a proven process for strategic account planning that will allow them to systematically review and grow their accounts.

Business Made Simple will walk you through a strategic account planning process that will make your sales efforts more focused and productive by spending time where you’ll achieve the greatest key account sales success.

After the training, participants will be able to use behaviours and processes which lead to effective and efficient sales in business, increase in income, raise in self-confidence, improved relationships, being happier and more at ease with life.

What you will learn at the Advanced Sales Training

While programme content is tailored based on your industry, products and services, and the skills that will make a difference for your team, topics typically include:

  • The 5 stages in the strategic account management process
  • Building “big play” strategies and tactics for penetrating, expanding, and protecting major accounts
  • What the best, most successful strategic account managers do
  • Avoiding the most common strategic account management mistakes
  • Defining strategic accounts—what they are, how they work, the opportunity they present

We are so confident that you will love our training that Business Made Simple’s Advanced Sales Training comes with a Money Back Guarantee. If by the end of the training you are not happy with the quality of the delivery or the content of the course we will refund your money. It’s that simple!

What customers say about the Advanced Sales Training

“Working with Biz-Guru Group of companies has certainly paid off for me in the last 18months. When I started with Biz-Guru I was ready to close down my shops due to huge and continuous financial losses. I’m proud that at the end of this financial year I will be sitting on a small profit. Quite an achievement for a small business. I can therefore recommend executive coaching and mentoring to any small business owner.”

Dr Gugu Gule, GG Boutique

“The information I received on Skills Development was perfect! The ABC of Skills Development course covered topics in a practical and interactive manner, making it simple for me to learn what I did not know.”

Manako Rankapole

“The most beneficial part for me was the knowledge, and steps we could use to make some positive changes.”

Jennifer Gergis, Wink Promotions

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