Business Made Simple’s accredited training programmes are directed at achieving your outcomes with regard to quality, cost and time constraints as well as its ability to be scaled and applied beyond current projects.

Our courses are measurable, allowing you to clearly view the change within your business and members. We gear your team up for change and provide them with the clarity needed to improve productivity, turnover and communication.

With a solid track record of developing teams and a bold guarantee that only specialized business trainers and facilitators deliver the training, Business Made Simple ensures your businesses objectives are measured, achieved and you and your members are satisfied with the end results.

The focus is squarely on growing your Return on Investment – training is no longer a grudge spend.

To measure is to know – If you don’t measure it you can’t improve it


Our team of expert trainers and facilitators have a deep understanding of different learning styles and adult learning principles, and therefor customize the course content using appropriate training aids and techniques to meet your unique requirements. The focus is squarely on how to apply the learning in your workplace and how it can build value for the business.

Business Made Simple’s programmes are designed to develop the organisation’s vision, values, strategic objectives and to promote leadership and add value to your members.

With passion and dedication behind what we do, we ensure our accredited training programmes shift teams, increase Return on Investment, whilst creating a safe space within their business environment to create trust between members.


Business Made Simple provides a wide range of accredited training programmes that use blended learning and assessment techniques, with a core face-to-face, interactive and activity focused, classroom format to support the training delivery and change within team members and eco-systems.

By dissecting the root cause within a business, we ignite change and promote employee engagement, through relevant, hands-on training sessions designed to create practical, business and skills action plans.

Our network of expert trainers and facilitators have all been trained in the Business Made Simple methodology and ensures the most suitable experts facilitate the training and support you throughout the process. We are more than just service providers – our expert trainers are geared to being your trusted business partner.


 Because our patented templates and tools were developed by expert trainers delivering over 100 courses across four continents, we can guarantee your team will apply what they have learnt.

Our focus and approach is systematic and structured, however we never lose sight of your organisation’s culture,
values and uniqueness.

Business Made Simple aims at making all our sessions highly practical by teaching the basic theory to delegates and allowing them to physically implement these skills during the training. These are fully participative programmes which contain pre-course work, lectures, discussions, workshops and practical exercises including an opportunity to study
your own company’s systems and processes.

Organizational alignment, accountability, and results orientation are stressed in each session to ensure sustainability.

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