“Working with Biz-Guru Group of companies has certainly paid off for me in the last 18months. When I started with Biz-Guru I was ready to close down my shops due to huge and continuous financial losses. I’m proud that at the end of this financial year I will be sitting on a small profit. Quite an achievement for a small business. I can therefore recommend executive coaching and mentoring to any small business owner.”

Dr Gugu Gule, GG Boutique

“The information I received on Skills Development was perfect! The ABC of Skills Development course covered topics in a practical and interactive manner, making it simple for me to learn what I did not know.”

Manako Rankapole

“The most beneficial part for me was the knowledge, and steps we could use to make some positive changes.”

Jennifer Gergis, Wink Promotions

“I would like to thank Business Made Simple for a beautifully presented session on Friday. The delegates have all been very complimentary and have all learned a lot. Please pass on our thanks to Michael as well!

We look forward to working together with you in the future.”

Robyn Brinckmann, Maragon Private School

“The most useful part was the knowledge and teaching to look inside myself – participating in activities in groups was very informative. Loved the dancing, clapping and exercise, wonderful!!”

Elaine Vos, Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

“The greatest was seeing my staff take something out of the course and empowering me to think out of the box.”

Paul Dreyer, Wink Promotions

“It most beneficial thing about the sales course was discovering the “incorrect” way of asking questions – especially in situations where one would be in a conversation with a client. The normal was of asking questions is not nearly enough in terms of setting required information from the client.”

Nare Setati, Hamon SA

“The complete workshop in its own is as useful as it gets, whether for a new company or a company that has been with Biz-Guru Group of Companies for a while and just having a refresher course, all worth it. I enjoyed it very much, I realized how many “bad” habits I had fallen back to, yet also how many of them I had broken at the same time – job well done!

I would recommend Biz-Guru Group of Companies to any company out there, from struggling ones right up to the companies that think they cannot do any better, believe me, Biz-Guru Group of Companies will show them a thing or two!”

Shaun van Wyk, FloSolve