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Find training events to cover almost every aspect of business management; developing you and your business skills.

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Our Finance for Non-Financial Managers course is designed to equip you with everything you need to make "financially sound" decisions.

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Effective sales stand at the core of every successful business. We equip your sales team with the tools to be effective!

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Customer Service

Excellence in customer serivce is no longer negotiable. Get the upper hand by making customer service a priority.

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Become a leader that inspires your team to greater sales, greater productivity, greater growth and greater success.

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Emotional Intelligence

Who you are determines how you handle interpersonal interactions, challenges and stress. Learn to be the best version of you.

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Why Choose Us

  • Our Talents are a benefit to YOU

    Our talent is communicating business concepts in a brief, but very powerful format – through training, coaching and mentorship.  We aren't just a same-ol'-same-o training company.  We believe in delivering training that is sensible and sustainable.

  • The Challenging Economic Times

    Challenging economic times are hard on everyone, not least of all your staff and management.  Low productivity, declining morale and high staff turnover are just some of the symptoms businesses experience in an unstable economic climate.  Invest in your management and staff; they can be your greatest asset.  With Business Made Simple, you will be equipping them to steer your ship almost as well as you can.

  • We really ARE different

    The practical nature of our training programmes, including case studies, interactive role-plays, high-energy group work, practical exercises & real-life examples makes us different.  If our trainees aren't able to apply the concepts we teach them, we teach them AGAIN.

  • 108 courses across four continents!

    Our patented templates and tools were developed by expert trainers delivering 108 courses across four continents, so we can guarantee that your team will apply what they have learnt.  We can't make it much simpler than we already have.  Honestly.

  • Referrals are our motivation

    Much of our business comes from referrals, showing how clients value our impact on their businesses.  We take customer satisfaction very seriously and we do more than just aim to please.  Our goal is for every one of our clients to 1. RETURN and 2. REFER.  And we don't expect them to do either if they weren't over the moon!

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Latest News

Strategic Leadership Enhancement

  • August 04 - 2015

Today’s managers are required to create a positive working climate, make quality decisions, demonstrate effective skills in handling a wide variety of human problems, manage time, set priorities, mold employees from different cultures into a team and show excellent leadership in their managerial...

Public Course Training

  • August 04 - 2015

Some of our courses are regularly run as public training courses, providing the opportunity for one or two delegates from your business (more if you wish!) to benefit from the course along with delegates from several other businesses.

Increase Your Businesses Productivity

  • August 04 - 2015

The last thing you need to improve your business productivity is to take your staff out of the workplace for endless days of training. The Business Made Simple Productivity Programme is a fully participative, 10 module management programme delivered in short-sharp bursts once a month.

In-House Training

  • August 04 - 2015

With more than 100 in-house training programmes in our portfolio, we are confident that we have a course which will meet your needs.

From Manager to Minister of Finance

  • August 04 - 2015

Unless you are a non-profit organization, you are in business to make money. And to make money, every part of your business needs to understand how they contribute to the financial viability and profitability of the organization.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers Course

  • August 04 - 2015

More than ever in today’s business environment, management decisions made at all levels of an organisation need to be based upon a sound understanding of the financial implications to the business and the importance of justifying Return on Investment.

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